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Download free music to iPhone from YouTube. Search for music in Freemake MP3 Boom software. Get high-quality music for Apple iPhone fast & easily. Over 1 million free songs: rock, pop, jazz, metal, Hindi, folk, hip-hop, etc. Modern songs and classic tunes. Unlimited music downloads for iPhones!
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Jump to the steps below to download free music to your iPhone:

1. Install Freemake MP3 Boom
2. Find tunes for your iPhone
3. Download free music on iPhone
4. Add new songs to iTunes music library
5. Transfer music to Apple iPhone
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Install Freemake MP3 Boom

Download Freemake music app onto your computer and run Freemake MP3 Boom on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista. Please make sure you have a stable Internet connection to install the program properly. Follow all instructions and launch the application.

Find music for your iPhone

Open Freemake music freeware, enter any artist or song name you want to download on iPhone into the search bar at the top of the window. Click the enter button on your keyboard to start the process. The software will list all available songs that you can listen to and download.
To preview each song before download on iPhone, click the “Play” button located to the left of the song.

Download free music for iPhone

If you like the music result, please feel free to download it to smartphone. There are two download options. You can download online audio one by one clicking the arrow sign next to each song. Or you can get full YouTube download collection by hitting the “Download all” button at the upper right corner after the artist’s name. By default, all songs are saved to Music folder.

Add new tracks to iTunes library

The next step is to open iTunes. It’s a free music & video library for Windows and Mac made by Apple. If you don’t have it yet, please download it at
At the top left corner click the arrow sign and select “Add file to library” (or just click CTRL+O) and choose all your media items from Music folder that you want to put on your iPhone later. Now iTunes stores all tracks inside.

Transfer music to iPhone

The last step is to sync your iPhone and iTunes to export all songs from your desktop music library to your Apple hand-held device. You’ll need a USB cord that you use to charge your iPhone.

Please plug one side into your smartphone and the other side into your PC. Then you’ll be prompted to allow access to your iPhone from your computer, please click “Yes” on your iPhone and permit the similar action on your PC (you’ll see a small message in your Tray).

Then, you might be asked to make a backup copy of your iPhone, feel free to decline this message and proceed to file transfer.

Open iTunes on your PC again. You should see the name of your iPhone at the left sidebar among Devices. At the top bar, click the Library. Then select all songs and drag and drop them to the spot at the left sidebar where you see your iPhone’s name. Then unplug your Apple iPhone and tap iTunes on it to check the exported free music collection.